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Allegra Lombardi works only with the finest Italian artisans.  Their studios are located in hidden city walking lanes and in villages only locals know.  Our fabrics, garments, and accessories are created with care and are il migliore, the best in the business.  Jet-set to Italy to visit our partner suppliers. Click on the map markers below to find our more about our partner factories.

Campania, Italy

Location:  Campania Region, Italy

Service:  Hand-Made Sunglasses

With meticulous craftsmanship, our ultra-glam Club Allegra sunglasses are created in the foothills of the Campania region of Italy.  Our relationship spans over five years and continues to grow with each passing year.  The must-have accessory for any Allegra woman is a captivating pair of sunnies.  These glittering gems have been essential to our campaigns and photoshoots around the world.

Milano, Italy

Location:  Milano, Italy

Service:  Eco Labels, Swing Tags, Hangers, etc.

In the heart of Milano, the beautiful details of Allegra are brought to life for everyone to take home with them.  Every touch that adds to our brand presentation is curated here, labels, garment bags, packaging- all the little keepsakes that let you know you own a piece of Made-in-Italy when you own something Allegra. Our labels are environmentally conscious and our garments are hung only on soft velvet hangers to give your Italian-crafted piece luxurious treatment.  When you receive your accessory or a gift from Allegra, the parcel features are created in this metropolitan Italian factory tracing our Italian supply-chain straight to your front doorstep.


Casarate Sempione, Italy

Location:  Casarate Sempione, Italy

Service:  Lace, Cotton, Macramé

Mountainous and quaint, this factory is located in Northwestern Italy.  Allegra Lombardi uses playful and structured looks in stunning lace with macramé handmade flowers for a touch of femininity.  The laces, cottons, and macramé’s for that special touch on our garments go from vision to 3D in front of our eyes here.

Milano, Italy

Location:  Milano, Italy

Service:  Sales & Distribution

What you image as classic Italy on a postcard—here is where this skilled factory lives.  You will see Allegra models cascading along the Brera streets in the garments made on the same small laneways.  This is Allegra Lombardi’s Italy Distribution Center.  From here, we are able to send our clients all over the world their specialty garments.

You will find our small showroom headquarters sitting amongst other renegade luxury houses and Made-in-Italy trail-blazers from stationary to soft furnishings and street style to ultra-chic. This is the where the subversive meets the world in the retail heaven Milano has to offer.  Bustling streets, loud traffic, rattling trams, busy businesses and strolling citizens all traverse the wonderland that is Brera. Cobblestones and stacked up palazzos provide the quintessential Centro Storico look as the perfect backdrop to a dramatically fast-paced business and retail center. Renowned for it's shopping and varied brands, prices and aesthetics our position in Brera, Milano is crucial as it is the most authentic and curated amphitheater of shopping the world as to offer


Albate, Italy

Location:  Albate, Italy

Service:  Textiles

Bold and texture fabrics stun crowds from this supplier.  An Allegra piece is dynamic—it feels fabulous on and it is a true piece of art.  Lush greenery and looming trees lure us to desire to travel here  more and more.  Winding through Comaso roads and towns high up into the mountains on a perilous car journey, we find the expansive textile headquarters. Again, yet another generations-old factory, this is an impressive set-up of not only design but also production. Avante-garde fibre blends and finishes really touch on the kitsch "Allegra" style. These textiles are truly to be admired and bring uniqueness and a one-of-a-kind style.

Seregno, Italy

Location:  Seregno, Italy

Service:  Furs

Mon Plush! A discreet entrance to a beautiful shop on one side, a medieval driveway on the other. We take the medieval driveway that is the location of our furrier. Set in an industrial town only a few klicks from the Autodstrada somewhere smack-bang in the middle of Milano and Lake Como. You need reverse and headlight sensors just to navigate into a park at this place. And you are probably still parking somebody else in. Discreet, secure and very esoteric. A back entrance, a set of stairs et voila. You have just entered an industry furnace, a heart of the fur industry. From Grandfather to son to grand-daughter everyone is aboard scurrying around to maintain quality control, productivity and prized possession of these enrapturing furs. Our prized supplier has produced for the Italian great houses (think, Fendi, Prada...the list goes on) and has kept an exemplary record in their choice for Origin-Assured fur and it’s quality. There is no deviation in the process. You step into a work zone of Italian mutterings problem-solving the most technically complex of furs with the most archaic artisan hand sewn or cut techniques. Attention to detail is neurotic. And the furs! From Finnraccoon and Arctic Fox to Mongolian Lamb Fur. Plush and coloured, dyed and primped, fluffed and duffed all around you. This is an epicentre. More so this is a place where anything can happen. The application of fur is limited what? Absolutely nothing by our standards. Endeavouring and working one-on-one with our artisan compatriots to create the most titillating obscure, exciting, emotive and stunning fur creations possible. Without one single deviation or compromise to luxury

Seregno, Italy

Location:  Seregno, Italy

Service:  Buttons, Keyrings, Components

With a long history of family-owned craftsmanship, this studio produces stunning and sultry accessories to enhance any look.  Taught by their nonno, grandfather, this company specializes in high fashion pieces from buttons and belts, trimmings and linings, this production house produces a range of all accessories. Through their leveraged generations-old knowledge and relationships, we have the opportunity to develop one-on-one through various artisan laboratories to do what industrial design falls short: bespoke commercial production. Just north of Milano, Allegra’s sophistication is translated into tangible beauty through this laboratory.

Cardano Al Campo, Italy

Location:  Cardano Al Campo, Italy

Service:  Knit Fabric

Our soft and wearable knits bring chic comfort to any on-the-go woman.  In Allegra’s classic blushes and ivories, women are instantly transformed into their best selves—ready to take on whatever life, work, or love brings their way.  The factory is located is the breathtaking Al Campo region of Italy, near to Malpensa airport on the cusp of the Piemontese border. Timelessness and elegance, just like our garments comes from what is a serious set-up of workers who perosnally operate and monitorheavily invested machinery to produce these high-performing knit fabrics.

Caudry, France

Location:  Caudry, France

Service:  Fabric Supplier

For the most elegant and delicate laces, we look nowhere else but this fabulous supplier.  Allegra incorporates this feminine textile in everything from resort wear to corporate garments.  Their specialty is luxury and runway, bringing high-end glamour to our busy client’s lives through their graceful and romantic artisanship.

Somma Lombardi, Italy

Location:  Somma Lombardi, Italy

Service:  Techno

Industrial yet charming, new world mixed with old, Somma Lombardi houses Pizcal, the place of techocolored fabrics.  Allegra changes with each season, as women have many layers, but always stays true to her character—mysterious and accomplished, passionate and untouchable.  The bright and luminous dresses of Allegra are born in this small Italian studio.


Brescia, Italy

Location:  Brescia, Italy

Service:  Custom Zips, Luxury Zips

A mini-trip with a few modes of transport rom Milano will take you to Brescia, a production capital of MIlano. Absolute precision and artisanship describes this Brescia studio.  Almost impossible to travel to by public transportation, we visit this studio to watch our garments receive their final touches, customized for our clients. These integral parts must be razor-sharp in their quality and aesthetic prior to their additoin to any Allegra Lombardi collection. This studio only handles couture and paramount labels in fashion.  Their talent cannot be paralleled.

Bologna, Italy

Location:  Bologna, Italy

Service:  Hand-made Accessories

Just as important as the dress is its accompanying companions.  Located in one of the most colorful and luscious cities on earth, and gastronomy central (we love!) Bologna, Italy offers Italian inspiration for each collection of Allegra Lombardi.  Glittering streets complement our garments and add even more shine to her luxe clutch bling and sumptuous sunglasses. Hand-made accessories from embellishments and beaded belts and cuffs to headwear and sunglasses add a very couture indulgance to our garments and their accessory coutnerparts. The historical town of Bologna instills a certain sense of richness in the design process we engage one-on-one with our suppler here. The sense of precedence, artisan artisocracy is fully fledged in the output of these designs.

Lurate-Caccivio, Italy

Location:  Lurate-Caccivio

Service:  Main Textiles Production House; Jacquards, AW Fabrics, 3D Textured Fabrics

Jacquard Regard! Our Number one textile producer, innovative in 3-Dimensional techniques, based on a heritage of jaqcuard, silks and trail-blazing techno-visual finishes to traditional fabric weaves. This Textile producer is our “creative radar” and go-to for the best interpretation of classical taste with high-tech appeal, always beautiful but always contemporary. If you can think of the brand, this textile house has probably supplied them from Chanel to Alice+Olivia. Nestled away in the foot-hills and gateway to the Great Lake Como, the small industrial town in which revolves around this generations old Mill is now the home to one of the world’s leading textiles practises. Leveraging generation’s old knowledge and from a myriad of family businesses including loomers and textile treatments in the area this is a dynamic and truly family business, grown from father to sons and developed with the best creative directors Italy has to offer. Taking a walk through the factories leaves you speechless and dancing to the rythym of the textile production machinery, I awe the Hogwarts library equivalent of fabric archives and and forever day dreaming in the stock room requesting the most tactile and luscious looking textiles in eery techni-colour available in the pantone encyclopedia! All hidden away in a leafy town disguised by gravious cloud-covered foothills nearby one of the most idyllic and touristic setting Italy has to offer, Lake Como.

Loire Valley, France

Location:  Loire Valley, France

Service:  Textile Supplier

Rich and decadent like the wine region it lives in, the textiles radiate warmth and passion.  Specializing solely in women’s wear, this textile supplier carries exquisite and hand-painted fabrics.  Jacquards, knits, silks and linens, all hand-selected for Allegra’s latest collections. Stepping inside mirrors the craftsmanship of the wine making in the valley.  This is truly the crème de la crème, the best in fabric.  The elusive and flowing style of Allegra Lombardi makes an essential visit here for just the right materials to create the perfect piece.

Vantaa, Finland

Location:  Vantaa, Finland

Service:  Fur Auction House

Beauty for the eyes and pure luxury for the skin. Our furrier is at the apex of trend and couture. Uncompromising commitment to sustainable sourcing is Allegra’s policy as well as this distributor’s foundation.  They take a holistic approach and are an industry leader in certification.  Inspired by groundbreaking and classic fashion trends, this fur house provides Allegra women with a garment which is crafted with meticulous precision and care, and draws attention wherever she goes.

Seregno, Italy

Location:  Seregno, Italy

Service:  Sede Principale, Atelier

A trip back to Seregno, our seemingly serendipitous Headquarters near the lakes district above Milano. It is a gateway to the bustling Besana e Brianza region, one of the most productive regions in all of Europe. Intersecting railroads or a quick belt down the Autostrada from Milano will have us there relatively quickly. Early starts and lab-coats indicate that this Studio means business. This is where magic happens. Where our Italian Artisan Patternmakers, Dressmakers, Machinists and Sartorial Engineers come together. Interpreting our creative direction each season the team works tirelessly to ensure the perfection to each and every garment. There is a sartorial architecture to the tailoring and draping and uncompromised attention to detail. There is an Italian hand that passes over every component, every piece of fabric, every thread, every process and touches a part of every garment to piece it together with love. From initial sketch concept and sampling through to the final production run lined up like sartorial soldiers on the racks there is an Italian touch, a human touch to every step in the process.

Chiuduno, Italy

Location:  Chiuduno (Bergamo), Italy

Service:  Shoulder Pads, Buttons

The train station here does not even have a ticket sales outlet! Nestled in foothills between of Bergamo and Brescia giant expansive warehouses and factories emerge from the greenery as we draw near (to the middle of nowhere!). It is the world's leading shoulder pad supplier- among other garemnt production accessries- Our shoulder pads and custom buttons are created in a factory within the Bergamo township of Italy.  Our tailored suits are given powerful edge and yet femininity for the powerful and confident Allegra woman.  Distinguished for their unique and timeless quality, this factory is known as the best in the business for these essential garment details.

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