Social Fabric

Social Responsibility, Transparency, and Empowerment

1.1 Ethos

Allegra Lombardi first and foremost is keep women in it’s core, it’s heart and keeps women on front line of society.

1.1.1 We believe you should not have to sacrifice femininity to be successful. We do not believe in minimalism in order to be seen or heard or more successful and we do not ever believe that a design overshadows a woman. Allegra Lombardi seeks to empower. We empower those who create our garments and the women who wear them.

1.2 Supply Chain

Allegra Lombardi is responsible in its selection. We pride ourselves on our Italian artisan supply chain that allows a sophisticated level of specialisation and passion that is luxury. Our production reads like a road map to Made-in-Italy. A hand has touched each part of our garments. A touch of care has woven itself into our collections.

1.3 Artisan Transparency

Allegra Lombardi’s fabric is respect, care, and empowerment of artisans, suppliers, and the women who wear our garments. We are committed to transparency and honesty in our supply chain. Close relationships with all artisans, suppliers, and colleagues have been developed over 8 years of collaboration and continuous visits to Milano, Italy from Sydney, Australia. Our love and roots in the bright and vibrant Australian culture pair beautifully with the luxe and luxurious fabrics made in Italy. Our pieces bring a taste of places around the world and have been inspired by the beauty of global travel and those we have met in travels.

1.4 Artisan Responsibility

Everything from our furs to our garment labels are sourced from responsible and sustainable suppliers. Each of our furs are Origin Assured and are produced by Italian suppliers with generations of knowledge and experience. We adhere to strict standards to bring to you items of unique luxury.

1.5 Artisan Honesty

We respectfully acknowledge our use of fur and are proud to be a part of a regulated and responsible industry. Allegra Lombardi is a whole-heartedly Australian-owned business.

1.6 Continued Commitment

At Allegra Lombardi, we are also committed to respecting the environment with our brand. Our vision is to employ recycled materials, reduce waste, and continuously become more sustainable with each season. We believe in committing ourselves to our society through direct supportive engagement with our people, our charities and our customers. We are active global citizens and we practice active involvement.

1.7 Industry Leader

With each decision made, we consider all stakeholders and continuously work to improve our social responsibility and footprint. At Allegra Lombardi, we are not only a leader in luxury fashion with the highest quality artisanship and product, but also a leader in standards in regard to utmost care for our people, processes, and products.

We have immense respect for the artisans, their generations-old artisanship, and the creative process. Our pieces are timeless, bold, fierce, and the quality is made to last. Our garments have A purchase from Allegra Lombardi is a vote for fashion ethics, respects for artisan’s livelihoods, and the highest quality products.

Allegra Lombardi empowers. We empower those with work with, and we empower the women who wear our brand.

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